Run To Your Life Pt.2


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Sep. 13, 2020


We can only engage the struggle as we look to Jesus, and have our eyes locked on to Him. He is our focus, our inspiration, and our example. He despised the shame of the cross. One of the most prominent elements of the torture of the cross was its extreme shame. Jesus didn't welcome this shame - He despised it! - but He endured through the shame. Are you willing to be shamed for the sake of Christ? 

Yes, it's a struggle.

 So you are always in the struggle, always exerting strenuous effort, always exhibiting patient endurance, always  pressing towards the goal, always fighting the enemy, always enduring temptation, always being criticized, ridiculed, kicked to the curb, ignored, talked about, muddied, dirty, aching, wanting to give up, but giving not up, wanting to give in, but not giving in, knowing that something down inside of me  keeps telling me to go ahead!